IL-MC Application

The IL-MC number is an authority number that allows a carrier to work in the state of Illinois. If you wish to work under your own authority and choose to pick up and drop off loads in Illinois, you must have this number. This number can be held in conjunction with a federal ICC or authority number or by itself if all operations are only within the state of Illinois.

This number expires every year on December 31st and must be renewed before then in order to continue operations. This type of authority requires you to have Primary liability and Cargo insurance on file in order to be activated. If insurance is not filed with the Illinois Commerce Commission, your number will be inactive and you will not be able to run under it.

If you lease your truck to another company, you do not need to have this authority.

At IRP Express, we offer the services to apply for, and renew the IL-MC number. We also provide Primary Liability and Cargo Insurance.

Requirements to apply for an IL-MC