International Registration Plan is one form of truck registration. This type of registration allows truckers to be able to work outside their jurisdiction. This registration can be specified to contain desired states of operation up at all 48 continuous states and some Canadian provinces. This plate will also be customized to the gross vehicle weight carried up to a maximum of 80,000 lbs.

IRP registrations apply to all vehicles in a fleet. Multiple fleets are allowed. At IRP Express we offer services for first time applicants, drivers who want to add trucks, transfer plates, reclass vehicles, replace lost or stolen plates and registrations, add jurisdictions, and renew registrations.

All IRP registrations expire March 31st. State prices are prorated depending of the time of first registration. 45 Day temporary permits can be issued for all transactions except renewals. For more information on this type of plate, please do not hesitate to contact us.

State Requirements for First Time Applicants

International Registration Plan

Proof of address: 4 Bills Total

Proof of Ownership: One of the following documents must be submitted

Bills of sale can be used as additional proof of purchase but must be accompanied by either of the requirements above. If your truck was purchased more than 30 days from time of application, the title must already be transferred to new owners name and copy of Heavy Vehicle Use tax (form 2290) must be submitted. If the truck is owned by somebody else, there must be a signed lease agreement from both parties.

Other Requirements:

Illinois CDL only